Intellect launches online survey into workplace diversity

Intellect, the trade association for the UK IT, telecommunications and electronics industries, has begun the final phase of a project on diversity in the IT industry. The association is asking all members of the industry to participate in research examining the culture of their workplace and their career experiences.

The research, sponsored by the Department of Trade and Industry and a number of private sector organizations, will provide a rich insight into the industry. It will allow inter-industry and inter-country benchmarking and will identify opportunities for government and businesses to create a more positive and equal environment. Based on the results of this research Intellect will develop an action plan to achieve a more equal and diverse sector, which will be disseminated and promoted across the UK IT industry.

The research will initially take the form of an online survey, open to all IT employees. It can be found on the Intellect website and will be live until the end of February. Intellect is urging all members of the IT Industry to take the time to complete it.

Read the rest of the news release at Intellect PR & Media Centre.

For further information contact:
Deborah Nazareth
T 020 7331 2168

It takes 20 to 25 minutes to finish this survey.

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